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Bronze Age Crete & Santorini
14th-22nd May 2016

Mainly Peloponnese
24th September- 2nd October 2016

We vary the tours each year.
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photograph of a Corfiot taken by
John Davenport Shakespear in 1858

this photo is the only surviving evidence of how these pipes were smoked, it is now on exhibition in Corfu

Photographs of Corfu in 1858

for a collection of beautiful sketches of Corfu by Theresa Nicholas and books by John Waller see

Relive the legends of Homer and the tragedies of Sophokles; walk in the footsteps of Pausanias and wonder at the glory of the works of Praxiteles and Phidias; enjoy the breathtaking scenery as we travel through olive clad mountains and fertile plains where you half expect to glimpse Herakles on one of his labours.

Our unique tours offer a chance to see all the major archaeological sites of ancient & classical Greece as well as taking you off the beaten track to less visited but fascinating places. In just a week we journey through over 3,000 years of Greek history, from Minoan to Byzantine, as well as enjoying the vibrancy of modern Greece.

We do two tours a year, one in May and one in September.

Fully Booked! Bronze Age Crete & Santorini 14th to 22nd May 2016  We are now looking forward to making another visit to Crete and Santorini. We are sure you will be enthralled by the history, archaeology, art, scenery & people of these Aegean islands. The history of Crete & Santorini spans over 5,000 years; our tour will concentrate on the Bronze Age, or Minoan period. Santorini is a fabulously beautiful island with its dramatic caldera, white houses and black beaches. It is also the site of the ‘Aegean Pompeii’, the remarkably well preserved Bronze Age town of Akrotiri, only recently reopened to the public.  Crete, the largest island in the Mediterranean, is rich in history and beautiful scenery. We fly via Athens to Santorini where we stay for 2 nights, then take the hydrofoil to Crete, where we stay 3 nights in Iraklion and 3 nights in Ayios Nikaloas.  Click here for more details. 

Mainly Peloponnese 24th September to 2nd October 2016  As well as visiting the major sites of  Athens, Delphi, Olympia, Ancient Corinth and Mycenae, we will visit Ancient Nemea, Ancient Messene, and Nestor's Palace near Pylos.
We will stay 3 nights in Athens, 2 nights in Loutraki and one night each in Delphi & Olympia & Pylos
Cost: 970 per person sharing a twin or double room, 1146 for a single room. 

Tour costs include all travel in Greece, comprehensive information on the history, sites & museums, and all hotel accommodation (B & B, en-suite). It does not include entrance to sites and museums or lunch and dinner for which you should allow about 200-250.
The tours are organised & led by sisters Jane Maw Cornish and Mary Kehoe.
Travel to Greece, with Aegean or British Airways, is booked through Thornton's Travel and travel and accommodation in Greece is arranged by Christos Patakis of Anassa Travel, Athens, with whom we have been working since 1995.

Note: These privately organised tours have been running since 1975

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The Greek-0-File is a publication written and edited by Sylvia & Terry Cook. It is packed with articles on every aspect of Greece and Greek life.  You will find a lovely description of our tour of the Peloponnese in October 2003 in Greek-o-File Volume 3 and of the 2005 Northern Greece tour in Greek-o-File volume 5.  Volume 8  has 3 articles of particular interest: the story of the photographs of Corfu taken by Jane & Mary's great great grandfather in 1858, some recipes of his wife's (including Wild Boar) and an article by Judith Hepper about taking children (including Jane and Mary's grandchildren) to the ancient sites of Greece.
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The best of the many guide books to Greece is produced by Blue Guides

 They have a special offer on all their Guides for Damaris travellers



Part of the Parthenon frieze, now magnificently displayed in the new Akropolis Museum




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