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Since 1995 Christos Patakis has been organising our travel in Greece.

He and his assistant select and book hotels for us and Christos drives us in his comfortable coach.

Christos takes the Greek tradition of xenia, hospitality to foreigners, very seriously and makes every effort to make sure all our guests have an enjoyable stay in their country. Nothing is too much trouble for him.

Wherever we stay Christos will seek out the best taverna with good 'home' cooking; he will steer us away from 'tourist traps'.

Christos is an excellent dancer and when we are in Athens will take us to his local taverna, Vangellis & Yios, where he can be persuaded to demonstrate his skill. (The pictures below were taken in October 2006).

He is accompanied by his charming wife Konstantina and lovely daughter Angeliki who encourage us to join in the Greek dancing and teach us the steps.

Christo's mother, Kyria Agathi, often makes delicious spinach and cheese pies for our picnic lunch.


Christos with his mother, Agathi

An article by Judith Hepper in Greek-o-File Volume 3 entitled 'Our Charioteer' is based on Christos and our tour of the Peloponnese in October 2003
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